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Alpine Aviation Australia (AAA) (www.alpineaviationoz.com.au) operates a Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) (www.raa.asn.au) flight training facility offering flying instruction for beginners of all ages, conversions from GA or type, flight reviews and RA-Aus endorsements.
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Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)

Martin Hughes, Ex-RAF pilot and flying instructor with over 3500 hrs flying experience.
Jabiru J120C

The Jabiru is an Australian designed and built aircraft (Bundaberg, Qld) and is in service with many flight training facilities as well as being a popular choice for recreational pilots. The 120C is a two seat aircraft of strong, durable, composite construction, powered by an 80HP 2200cc 4 Cylinder Jabiru engine. It has a fully enclosed cockpit, light and responsive controls and can cruise at 100Knots (TAS). Its uncomplicated layout and instrument panel makes it an ideal basic training aircraft for student pilots.

Jabiru J170C

This model is bigger than the 120C providing more leg room for taller pilots and passengers. It has double the fuel capacity and therefore greater range. Handling characteristics, controls and standard instrument panel are similar to the 120 and it is powered by the same engine but can still comfortably cruise at 100 knots. This aircraft is more suited to taller students for basic flight training and also for longer range navigation exercises.

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